There is nothing better than being able to listen to your music, watch a movie or series with the best sound quality. But to ensure this, you need to understand that there are different types of sound, suitable for specific environments.

The types of sound

There are basically three types of sound: mono, stereo (or stereo, in Portuguese) and surround. Each has a given number of audio channels and a destination.

In the case of mono, as the name suggests, it is just an audio channel. That is, it ends up being more difficult to distinguish how many elements and / or instruments, for example, make up a mono sound track.

In contrast, there is stereo, which consists of two audio channels, called right and left. The idea of ​​this type of sound is, precisely, to simulate our hearing with the two recording tracks, so that when we hear a song in stereo sound – mainly with headphones – we realize that the sounds of the instruments are separate. You can hear a background drums on the right, and the bass on the left, for example.

And then there’s surround, which is a 360 sound proposal , that is, a total amplification of the sound experience, provided thanks to several speakers. This type of sound is even more realistic – when properly installed in an environment – than stereo sound.

The sound and the environment

As we pointed out at the beginning of the text, each sound has a destination, a more appropriate environment.

The mono sound, for example, is more used in large spaces, such as shopping malls, because it is usually not so important or necessary to distinguish the channels, since the goal is to have only an ambient sound and uniform sound

The stereo is quite used in the sound of residential environments, both in specific projects, and in devices that integrate a living room, such as televisions. This type supplies residential sound well, by organizing the soundtracks.

And, finally, surround is the most suitable for home theater, coming to look like a movie theater. Precisely because it has several speakers distributed in the environment, so that the sound quality and the effects of the film are preserved.

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