Want to enhance your property? Home automation may be the right answer!

Investors always buy real estate with a view to selling and profit from it, making buying and selling a business and a source of income. But, even for those who do not belong to this group of people, the appreciation of a property is always welcome. And, in addition to traditional renovations, there is something that always values ​​a property at the time of sale: home automation.

After all, who doesn’t want a technological home, full of facilities and comfort, with smart home devices, which communicate with each other and obey commands via cell phone?

Automating always adds value when selling. But, do you know how much automation can increase the value of your home or apartment?

According to a Coldwell Banker study, more than one in four US adults have smart home products, but that number doubles in the millennial generation. These owners are also happy with this technology. Nine out of ten homeowners who use smart home technology recommend smart home. In that same study, 57% of Americans believe they save 30 minutes a day thanks to home automation. With the increase in the desire for convenience through technology, the numbers are expected to increase. Based on the Statista survey, the smart home sector has seen explosive growth in recent years and is expected to reach $ 143 billion in 2020, three times more than 2014.

This market trend attracts the interest of all ages, older owners value safety features and younger people prioritize convenience and ease of life.

According to a survey by Consumer Reports, the majority of potential buyers want to include smart home technology: 77% want smart thermostats, 75% want smart smoke detectors, 66% want smart home security cameras and 63% want locks smart. That is, more than 60% of consumers want to have some technology in their homes. With that, the valuation of an automated residence can reach up to 5%.

With increasing demand, home buyers and investors can make home automation a valuable investment for the future.

What attracts sellers and buyers the most is that everyone wins, since the savings that the new owner has with already automated properties is 30% with basic expenses such as energy. These benefits of convenience, efficiency and safety have proven to increase the perceived value of a home with a state-of-the-art home automation system. Owners see reduced maintenance costs. Sellers can negotiate higher prices and buyers are more willing to pay more for new systems and updates. With home automation, whoever sells and whoever buys wins. If you want to know more about this valuation tool, talk to us!

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