Home Staging: sell your property faster and for a higher price.

If you have already bought or sold any property, you know that this type of sale is based primarily on experience . Or do you know someone who sold a property without the buyer having personally visited the place? Now imagine that this visit experience is totally remarkable and charming. That’s what a Home Staging job can provide. In order to better understand what it is about, we reproduce below a simulation of a broker’s visit to a furnished house for sale in Jundiaí (São Paulo), which has carried out Home Staging work to enhance the space .

Arrival at the property
The broker picks up the client at your home and monitors the entire visiting process so that the prospective buyer has the best experience possible. The neighborhood is ideal for the client and he is eager to get to know the place, which was highly recommended by the broker, but he still doesn’t know what to expect. Arriving in front of the house, the broker takes his cell phone out of his pocket instead of the keys, clicks a button and the garage door opens for them to enter the car. Without understanding, the client asks if the resident is at the house and if he opened the gate. At this moment, the broker shows the application that gives access to all the existing commercial automation in the house and they enter.It is already possible to see the look of surprise and enchantment of the possible buyer.
Broker and client enter the room, which before dark, automatically turns on the lights so that the broker can show all the details of the space. A large TV with home theater is part of the environment and the broker makes a point of turning it on so that the client can see the sound and image quality of the equipment. By doing this, with another touch, the broker changes the lighting setting to Cinema mode, leaving the ideal mood for watching a good movie. The client says he liked the place very much and was impressed, but says that, in addition to movies, he also loves to read and prefers environments with natural light to perform this activity. Fulfilling his wish, the broker gives his cell phone a touch and opens the blinds, leaving the room naturally lit. At this time, the lights that had initially been turned off again, as they are no longer needed at that time.
You can see a big smile of satisfaction on the customer’s face and they both leave for the kitchen. While the coffee maker finishes preparing coffee for the two of them (also requested via cell phone), the broker asks the client’s musical taste and puts on some background music to make the visit even more pleasant. During the conversation, the broker receives a call from the property owner and answers on speakerphone. The owner wants to know how the visit is going and if the coffee is tasty. Seeing the intrigued face of the client, the broker explains to the client that, as the owner, he will have access to alerts of entrances and exits of the house, as well as security cameras inside and outside the house, if he wishes. So the owner knows where they are and what they are doing. The owner says goodbye to join a meeting and tells them to feel free to get to know the rest of the house.
In the bedroom, the experience could have been less positive, since, by carelessness, the window had been left open and several leaves of trees ended up entering, soiling the environment. The broker, however, remembered that the house has a centralized suction system and quickly connected the suction hose at the point in the room and cleaned up the dirt in a few seconds. Before proceeding to the next room, he took the opportunity to close the window with another ring on his cell phone.
Upon arriving at the suite bathroom to end the visit, the broker ran into a problem. The bathroom door was closed and could only be opened by the owner through his fingerprint. The client compromised and said he didn’t need to know the bathroom. After all, what he had seen had already been enough to convince him that this was a unique home. However, the broker sent an alert to the owner, through the automation system itself and, even in a meeting, the owner opened the bathroom door remotely, by cell phone.
Electric bill
After the visit, the customer, delighted, had only one doubt. As someone who is very attentive and concerned with the environment (and also with his pocket), he asked how much was the average electricity bill of that house. After all, so much technology obviously requires a lot of energy. The broker then gave him the last good news about the house. The entire home automation system was powered by a photovoltaic solar energy system on the roof of the house, which means that the entire operation of the house’s technologies occurs in a self-sufficient and sustainable way.
After all this, the visitor did not resist and asked how much the owner was asking for the house, already expecting something totally out of his reality. The broker spoke the requested amount (30% higher than most houses in the region), but even so the value positively impressed the buyer. With so much technology, he believed that he would have to haggle a lot and still pay a lot more for the house of his dreams. After this experience, he knew that he would not find a better option in the region and closed the deal, without making any counter offer. Is that you? How about providing this type of experience to sell your house or apartment faster and for a higher price? Ah! Important: performing a Home Staging job costs WELL LESS than the additional sale value that you can add to your property. To learn more about Home Staging or about home and commercial automation for Jundiaí and region, talk to Concept House . call 4525-9080 or send an email: .

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