Home staging and the art of making a home more attractive and ready to be sold

Do you know the show with the American twins, Jonathan and Drew Scott? While the first renovates a house – making it more beautiful to sell at a good price – the other looks for a new house along the lines that the owners of the one being renovated want. What is done in the program is called home staging, a very common trend out there that is being adopted more and more in Brazil. In good Portuguese, this technique consists of making minor renovations, repairs, making it more beautiful. But, not only that, through the process, with the installation of automation devices, it is possible to bring a more futuristic touch, aspects that, certainly, will increase the price to the same extent as the interest of possible buyers.

According to research, a house that has gone through this process can reach a value around 50% more than other properties. The good news is that there are already professionals in the Brazilian market specialized in this technique. In addition to a general modernization, such as the exchange of old pieces for more modern ones, such as taps, sinks and bathroom stalls. Another important issue is the installation of equipment that turns an “analog” home into an “intelligent” home.

At this point, it is possible to easily install automation equipment, such as cameras, electronic locks; integration of systems that can be activated remotely, such as turning on internal and external lights, opening and closing curtains and blinds, programming the air conditioning temperature, alarms, motion sensors … and all this and much more can be controlled through applications installed on a tablet or smartphone. And what is much better: the cost is not so expensive and will add even more value to the property to be sold, highlighting it in the real estate market.

Remember that all these improvements are intended to make visitors feel attracted to the house you want to sell, closing the deal as soon as possible and with the value that is expected, or even more.

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