Specialized companies execute custom home theater projects

Gathering friends and family for a series marathon on Saturday night or cheering for the heart team in the championship final is quite a pleasure. And television aficionados know how important it is to have equipment that offers audio and video. But what about when the system, despite being modern and newly installed, starts to fail? To get away from this type of frustration and have the feeling of a cinema in your home, the ideal is to have the services of a company that can execute custom home theater projects.

But, why count on the services of this type of company when it is possible to resort to the “do it yourself” method? The answer is simple: more than a TV room with numerous devices installed, a home theater is a space designed especially to provide the best audio and video experience.

Whether it is a dedicated room or a shared environment, companies like Concept House, a specialist in home automation, not only install equipment, but also perform all lighting consulting, checking the best positioning of the lights and acoustics. In this regard, in particular, in addition to the boxes and the receiver, it is necessary to take into account the arrangement of the furniture so that the sound waves propagate correctly and that you have access to a good image from any angle.

Another important point refers to the calibration of audio and video equipment in order to guarantee the best performance in that particular environment. Thus, experts take into account, in addition to the type of screen, the signal sources, the installation and viewing distances, in addition to the colors of the walls and whether the furniture has a glossy or matte finish. All of this is made even better by replacing remote controls with applications on your smartphone or mobile phone.

Do you want to have the dream TV room, with a tailor made project? Contact Concept House.

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