Crisis does not bring down the automation market
Source: FECOMERCIO SP (Jamille Niero)

With an appeal to technology and practicality, an opportunity for the entrepreneur is to bet on the niches

In 2016, the most expensive dollar and the crisis were reflected in the home and building automation market, but in a milder way. The sector ended the year practically stable: a survey by the Brazilian Association of Residential and Building Automation (Aureside) carried out with 150 companies in the segment showed that for half of them (50%) the level of business remained flat, while for 25% it decreased and for the remaining 25% increased. According to the association’s executive director, José Roberto Muratori, one of the factors for stability in the period is the potential of the Brazilian market, which is still far from being reached. “About 3% of Brazilian houses are automated. In European countries and the United States, this percentage is 20% to 25% ”, he points out. Link to the complete news

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