Smart homes: the Internet of Things revolution

More than half a century ago, when the internet emerged, the goal was to connect people (researchers) and disseminate knowledge. It became popular and reached the reach of ordinary people, connecting everyone through social networks. The new (r) evolution that it proposes is the Internet of Things (in the acronym in English, IoT, or Internet of Things), which can be understood as the capacity that technology currently has to interconnect objects and people. Today, machine-to-machine communication can now be applied in a residential environment. Just as computers and cell phones have revolutionized the way we live, Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big impact on people’s daily lives. The IoT is able to make objects and electronics increasingly practical, functional and self-sufficient in a home.

But, how does it work?

The Internet of Things, when applied to home automation, makes communication between home appliances intelligent, which can be controlled by a common smartphone, bringing practicality and security to you. Automation has many benefits. Among them, energy saving, practicality, security and remote control of all devices that are at home via cell phone.

See some examples:

Smart lamps: Smart lighting allows you to control switches, blinds and lamps. You can schedule times for lights to turn on and off, decide which specific rooms should be lit at certain times, select the level of light to emit and choose how certain lights will react when movement is detected in the room. You will be able to turn on the internal lights of your home, even if you are traveling, at a certain time, creating the impression that there are people in the house.

Access control: It is possible to control the lock and unlock doors through the cell phone, in addition to allowing the entry of people such as friends, family and service providers safely. Access control can only be programmed on established days and times, in addition to viewing the entry and exit of people. If someone tries to enter without authorization, the system sends an alert directly to the owner’s cell phone.

Gates in the garage or outside the house also serve the same purpose. They can be operated remotely or by proximity. An app or a virtual personal assistant monitors your daily route and, when you get home, “asks” if you want to open the gate to get in, without having to get out of the car or stop to open.

Virtual assistant: There are a wide variety of tasks that virtual assistants can perform, but one that helps a lot for those who have a very busy life is the possibility to buy and place orders online -line. Virtual assistants can ensure that you receive fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and milk on a regular basis. They can also be activated by voice command, and synchronized with other devices in the house. So you play a certain song, listen to the news of the day, turn on and off other devices in the house through the virtual assistant.

Security system: Although today’s advanced home security systems have the capability for remote monitoring, security alerts, presence sensors and window opening, technological advances allow you to activate other functions. For example, motion sensors that alert owners to unusual intrusions (instead of false alarms every time the pet jumps over the fence).

Smarter appliances: Smart refrigerators will allow you to scan your supermarket receipts and keep an inventory of your items, letting you know if an item is about to expire. In addition to suggesting recipes based on the contents of your refrigerator, it tells you when you need to replace an item and if you want it already makes purchases from the online supermarket. Smart ovens are synchronized with your smartphone and automatically preheat to the correct temperature based on a recipe selected in your database. The coffee maker turns on at the stipulated time, so that you wake up with the fresh coffee to be taken.

Smart home appliances go far beyond convenience. By automating your kitchen appliance and making it accessible from your smart device, you can cut the electricity supplied to unused appliances and reduce energy consumption and costs.

This technological leap will certainly revolutionize our lives. If you don’t want to wait for the future and

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