Automation in ready-made homes? With Concept House it’s possible!

With five minutes to go to your home, still in the car, using a tablet or smartphone app, you turn on the entrance and living room lights, decide whether the curtains remain closed and still define what temperature you want the room to be when you enter. At the door, an intelligent lock replaces the conventional one that only opens with a password. In another situation, you call your friends for a series marathon or for the championship final and program the lighting and blackout curtains so that your home theater becomes a true cinema … Dream of a visionary engineer or fan of “ The Jetsons ”? No! Present technology and all this is part of automation systems offered by Concept House that can be installed, even in ready-made homes.

Automation is done through a dedicated central called central hub that controls and distributes the commands sent to the home. Currently, architects and engineers, during the design and construction, already envisage the installation of automated systems. But, when the house or apartment is ready, it is possible to use both the system via cable – with the installation of a distribution board next to the power board – which will work via wifi. Thus, it is not necessary to carry out major works, only the installation of touch systems in certain places of the house.

But, what can be automated in my home? The answer is “everything that has electrical connectivity because it is automated, making your home not only smart, but also safer, more comfortable, practical and economical. And what is better: as everything is controlled via the internet, it is possible, for example, to be in Europe and to program the lights of the house to turn on at regular intervals and also to check if there was movement in the perimeter of the residence by means of cameras. Industrial automation is like this: whoever installs it doesn’t regret it! To learn more, send an email to or a WhatsApp message to (11) 99027-3633.

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