Central aspiration? With Concept House it’s possible!

Convenience, modernity and ease for your family. These and other benefits are obtained by installing a central vacuum system in a home. In addition to comfort, it is a technological item that provides a greater appreciation of the residence.

The system has a relatively simple operation. When building or renovating a house or apartment, PVC pipes are installed under the floor or on the ceiling and inside the walls, which connect to the central vacuum, located in the garage or in the service area. Own outlets are installed in the rooms and to activate the mechanism, just attach a hose that, like portable vacuum cleaners, has different types of nozzles and shapes that can be used in sofas, tables, corners, floors and carpets.

All sockets also have covers that keep them closed, which prevents objects from entering. Another feature is that on the skirting boards it is also possible to install automatic shovels, which simply sweep and all their dirt is easily taken away. In addition, the system proves to be very safe, since the central motor starts operating only by fitting the hose into the outlet. Thus, all the powder is sent to the central vacuum, without the danger of returning to the interior of the residence.

This system is quieter than portable vacuum cleaners, which means that cleaning can be performed at any time. In addition, it also offers more health to residents – especially those who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems – since all dust and dirt collected are not in contact with the breath, removing 100% of dust, mites and animal hair, as it counts with a power up to 5 times greater than ordinary vacuum cleaners. Other important points are the ease of maintenance since the pipe receives antistatic treatment, which prevents the dirt from sticking. The system also has self-cleaning filters that do not require replacement, as with conventional ones.

But, what about the cost of it all? According to specialists, the cost of the infrastructure is equivalent to 30% of the total value of the system and does not need to be finalized, necessarily, at the moment when the renovation is finished, and the final installation of the engine may be postponed to a second moment. Do you want to have this convenience installed in your home? Contact Concept House. send a WhatsApp message to (11) 99027-3633.

Figura 1 - Ilustração do funcionamento e infraestrutura
Figura 2 - Mangueira externa com ponto de aspiração
Figura 3 - Mangueira embutida na parede
Figura 4 - Pá automática no rodapé

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