You may not have heard of that word, but you’ve certainly seen this technology working. The word home automation is used in Europe to designate what, in Brazil, we know as Home Automation. And this technology allows you to program the approximate time when you will arrive home so that, minutes before, the lights come on and facilitate your security.

This technology has come to bring a solution to daily activities without effort or human interaction. It is associated with improving the quality of life with convenience, safety and savings. All of this in the palm of your hand.

With the use of home automation, you have control of your home or office through the integration between the various electronic and electrical devices controlled from tablets or smartphones. Just add pre-programmed scenes or tasks to make the environment smart.

Home automation can be installed in all environments of the house and offers many benefits:
  • Lighting: with home automation you can program the time to turn the lights on and off, in addition to having control over the color tones of the lighting.
  • Blinds: allows control of opening and closing blinds or curtains.
  • Security: sensors and smart cameras can send messages to your cell phone; as well as turning the lights, TV and sound on and off to scare off intruders.
  • Protection: in addition to security, home automation has prevention technology with an intelligent sensor system that can automatically send a message to the cell phone before the problem gets worse. The system has sensors in case of gas leak, flood, temperature, tremors, luminosity of presence that can detect any abnormality. The sensors are wireless and have an innovative design that adapts to any environment.

Biometric access: key is a thing of the past. Biometrics opens doors and brings security, in addition to allowing you to configure which light to turn on, what time to turn on the TV or the sound. As soon as you open the door with your fingerprint or the fingerprint of other registered people. These are some of the facilities that home automation offers for our life. If you are interested, consult Concept House. We have all this and more to make your environment more comfortable and technological.

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