Concept House is a high standard home automation company that aims to facilitate people’s daily lives through technology.

Nowadays, with increasingly intense work routines, when we get home, we want to relax and spend quality time with our families.

Thinking about it, we work with several solutions that bring comfort and sophistication to the home.
Automation, audio, video, central vacuum, access control and underfloor heating are some of our solutions to transform your home into a smart home.

Home Automation

A technology capable of performing tasks such as turning on the air conditioning, opening the curtains, turning on the TV, and much more. It can be programmed using a cell phone or tablet.

Ambient Sound

Quality acoustic structure, controlled by your smartphone to bring relaxation to your home or office. Let that experience take over your environment.

Central Aspiration

With a pipe embedded in the wall, you have a vacuum cleaner at the bottom or in a discreet opening, where a vacuum hose is fitted.

Home Theater

A cinema sound that can be integrated with other environments, is even more enjoyable when you can control it by smartphone.


The security systems with intelligent cameras warn by text message if there is any strange movement, in addition to turning on electronics around the house and turning on the lights, simulating the presence of people in the environment, with the intention of scaring the intruder.

Biometric Access

Made through the resident’s fingerprint, the smart system can register people you trust and block them when necessary, bringing more security and freedom to your daily life.


System with protection and security with control of flood, gas, tremors, temperature, brightness and presence. Its differential is to detect problems that are sometimes not visible.

Touch Switches

Its sophisticated design mixes technology and futurism, with the possibility of controlling the light intensity. Can be controlled by cell phone.

Motorized Curtains

Waking up to natural light is pleasant and healthier, but is it possible with the curtains closed? Yea! Just let them open with the help of your smartphone and the curtains will open at the scheduled time.

Infrastructure Project

Having a plan of your property with details of the cables applied by the house is very good to get a sense of the cables mirrored by the house. We carry out the technical design of the infrastructure with details of the entire application of the audio cabling system, TV antenna, video, automation and network that will be needed for the work.

Premium Wi-Fi

A home connected to wi-fi needs powerful cables that work well in all environments, so we have the best and most powerful wireless LAN cables.

Smart Glass

Having privacy with just a tenth of a second is possible thanks to a touch. It is the smart glass that changes color from transparent to opaque (vice versa) when requested or programmed, in addition to bringing privacy ends up bringing a new environment to your home.

Heated Floor

Having a house with a heated floor is synonymous with a lot of comfort during the winter. With the floor heated, the hot air becomes lighter and starts to rise naturally, heating the entire environment in a smooth and pleasant way, without drowning, noise, drying out or taking up space, as in the case of air conditioning.
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