7 Mistakes when implementing home automation

Home automation has long since ceased to be something of the future. Several experts in the construction industry consider that whoever is building a house these days, without any automation, is building an outdated house, however, it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to pay attention to a few points before hiring a home automation company . Concept House has picked out 7 mistakes you should avoid when bringing these technologies into your home: 1- ALWAYS CHOOSE THE CHEAPEST OPTIONS One of the most common mistakes of home automation companies is offering the cheapest solution in order to ensure that the competition does not close a contract with the customer, however they forget to consider that automation will be something the user will use EVERY DAY, and if so If low-quality equipment is installed, the resident will have to deal with devices that will bring frustration on a daily basis. 2- HIRING A NON-SPECIALIZED AND UNTRAINED INSTALLATION TEAM Our house is our refuge, our place of rest and protection, when choosing to do an automation it is necessary to check if the chosen company has a team that is specialized in the service and is trained to know how to behave inside the client’s house. Untrained teams may install devices incorrectly and/or not perform their configuration and programming in the best way, generating future problems in the use of these products. 3- CHOOSE A COMPANY THAT DOES NOT OFFER YOU ALL THE SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET When discovering the world of technology that can be offered to your home, it is important to communicate with a company that presents ALL POSSIBILITIES for your home, respecting the quality and expected budget. 4- DO NOT EVALUATE SOFTWARE ALTERNATIVES Home automation allows the home to be controlled by an application via cell phone or tablet, voice command, keypads, among others, so it is important that the resident choose the application that best meets their needs when looking for a solution. When contacting a home automation company, it must offer more than one possibility of software to control your home, as each person will identify and feel more comfortable with a system and, as it will be something for daily use, it has to be intuitive and practical for the user. 5- CHOOSE A COMPANY THAT DOES NOT ASSIST YOU WITH THE USE AND FEATURES OF THE APP (SOFTWARE) Some companies, after providing the service, do not provide assistance to new residents of a smart home, which can lead to confusion and misuse of what that technology has to offer. It is important to choose a company that you value, not only for providing the service, but also for post-installation support so that this type of situation does not occur. 6- CHOOSE A COMPANY THAT DOES NOT KNOW THE TECHNICAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN EQUIPMENT There are several pieces of equipment that can make a smart home. It is important that when deciding which equipment to implement in your home that it is explained, by a professional, what are the advantages and limitations of each device and what is the best cost-benefit ratio for what you want. 7- HIRING A COMPANY THAT OFFERS YOU JUST A BUDGET There are numerous solutions that can be installed with different technologies, it is interesting to find a company that offers you more than one way to bring the technology into your home that is compatible with how much you are willing to invest. CONCLUSION: As it is a technology that will be used every day, it is important to find a company like Concept House that takes into account all the topics mentioned to bring the best in the market to your home! Always bringing technology for your comfort!

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