2 technological innovations to bring respiratory health indoors

WHY IS RESPIRATORY HEALTH IMPORTANT? Socrates already said: “Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health”. It is currently important to update ourselves on methods to bring new ways to preserve the health of everyone who lives with us. A point that is often overlooked by us and that with the corona virus (COVID-19) has been talked about a lot is the respiratory system. Concept House offers some solutions that, in addition to offering real estate valuation, comfort and practicality, bring benefits to air quality, and consequently, contributes to the breathing of all the house’s residents. Check out now 2 of our solutions that contribute to improving your respiratory health and that of your entire family. HEATED FLOOR (rather than AIR-CONDITIONING IN HOT MODE) Underfloor heating is a heating system that, unlike air conditioning, changes the temperature from the bottom to the top. This form of heating prevents an asthma attack, since it reduces the incidence of mites and excessive humidity. Furthermore, unlike air conditioning, underfloor heating improves indoor air quality, as it does not generate drafts or dust circulation. With heated floors, it is not necessary to use strong chemicals to remove mold and mildew from walls and cabinets, which preserves the health of the nostrils. Finally, it does not burn or consume the oxygen of the environments in which it is installed, thus allowing for healthier breathing. CENTRAL VACUUM (INstead of A COMMON VACUUM CLEANER) Central suction is another solution that contributes to a better airway quality. With a piping system that allows you to carry the dirt from inside the house to the outside, it leaves your home much cleaner than ordinary vacuum cleaners that make a part of the dirt circulate in the air. In addition, it is necessary to consider that there is equipment that has a self-cleaning filter, capable of eliminating dirt without having to keep changing the filter every time you use it. Thus, it is clear that technology can be used as an important ally for a healthier quality of life, a cleaner life in which you can really enjoy fresh air and free from future respiratory complications.

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